Sports & relaxation at the Hotel Sandwirth in Klagenfurt

In the Hotel Sandwirth – our four-star city hotel in the centre of Klagenfurt – you can enjoy total relaxation combined with your favourite sports, high over the rooftops of Klagenfurt in the fourth storey of the hotel. It does not matter if you would like to have an exciting city holiday in Klagenfurt, are visiting on a business trip, or are looking for a hotel in Klagenfurt for an active sports holiday or training holiday — as a guest of our city hotel you can use our entire sports and relaxation zone at no extra cost during your stay.

Infrared recliners

The use of infrared can improve the circulation and supply of blood to tissue, activate metabolic processes, and strengthen the immune system. After a fascinating day exploring on your Klagenfurt city trip, a challenging triathlon training or a productive seminar, the gentle warmth of the infrared cabin relaxes the muscles and relieves pains.

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Finnish Sauna

Our spacious Finnish sauna, at 95°C, offers wellbeing and relaxation for body and soul. Soothing sauna fragrances are available to you, to add a delightful scent and ambience. No matter whether it is in summer or winter – a sauna session promotes circulation and strengthens the immune system.

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Tea Bar

A relaxing brew or an invigorating herbal infusion… Select from ten high-quality organic tea mixes in our complimentary tea bar, add hot water and enjoy the resulting bliss. Take time to enjoy the peace of our Klagenfurt hotel’s relaxation zone.

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Relaxation Zone

Discover our city hotel’s oasis of peace & quiet and relax high above the rooftops of Klagenfurt. Cosy relaxation beds and soft meditation music create a wonderful ambience for switching off, turning every holiday in Klagenfurt into a precious time of rest. Our loungers are fantastic for kicking back on in a fluffy bathrobe — that is pure relaxation.

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Fitness Room

The fitness & gym room in our training hotel is fully-equipped for a perfect triathlon training, Ironman preparation or for maintaining general physical fitness on holiday. We provide all guests with access to state-of-the-art Technogym machines like cross-trainers, treadmills and rowing machines, as well as a multi-tower gym training station. TV and USB connections are also available.

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Gym Room

The gym room is equipped with mats and a mirror wall. No matter if you would like to take a sports holiday in Klagenfurt or if you would also like the chance to stay physically fit on holiday – in our gym room you can do your stretching and strengthening exercises in peace. Additionally, there are kettle bell weights available for the strengthening of the musculature.

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