Regional, healthy & sustainable: indulgence with a conscience

Karo Trennlinie

Slow food at the Sandwirth

When the chef raises pigs and the kitchen crew plants herbs, slow food cuisine becomes a matter of the heart!

Our kitchen team at Sandwirth is fully committed to regionality and freshness. And this with a good portion of flavour. We only serve food sourced from local producers and farmers, cooked with care and seasoned with herbs from the raised beds. With us, every bite tells of home, care and genuine tradition.

Regional & organic – quality from Carinthia

Whether organic dairy products such as cheese, Carinthian farmer’s ham, bread or fresh fish from Lake Millstatt: we source our food from certified quality producers in Carinthia.

Das Duroc Weideschwein

Homemade products à la Sandwirth

From homemade syrups, jams, chutneys and spreads to a very special delicacy such as our Sandwirth pudding: our kitchen crew manages to reinterpret traditional delicacies with great attention to detail and a pinch of innovation.
To enjoy at home or as a gift, you can also purchase many of our products to take away on site or via our online shop.

Sandwirth goes farming

Sandwirth Duroc pigs – the best meat from our own farm

We keep our own Duroc pigs, that live with a run and much space at our farm in the Lavant Valley in Carinthia. This particularly finely marbled meat is then processed at Sandwirth into salami, Carinthian bacon, homemade sausages, liver pâtés, and many other delicacies – from nose to tail, of course.

Vegetables & herbs

Pumpkin, lavender & peppermint are our constant companions in the kitchen and come from our own cultivation.
1000 lavender plants, 1000 kg of pumpkin and peppermint are planted at Techelsberg, 700 metres above sea level, to cover all the Sandwirth’s needs.

Lavender: balm for the soul
Lavender not only brings a touch of romance, but also culinary delights to our everyday lives.
From fine lavender apricot jam for breakfast to the refreshing notes of lavender vinegar in your salad – our kitchen team is constantly working on new creations to fully savour the versatility of this enchanting plant.

Peppermint: refreshment for the mind
From the garden to the cup! We use our home-grown mint to create refreshing syrups, creative pestos and soothing tea blends.

Pumpkin – the superfood for the body
We only serve our own pumpkin. Let us convince you of our wide range of products, from pumpkin chutneys and pumpkin ketchup to delicious soups and savoury main courses.

Herbs from raised beds and the courtyard

Our kitchen team plants fresh herbs in our raised beds and in the courtyard. We use old, aromatic herb varieties. We refine our Sunday roast of Duroc pork with hyssop and mugwort and flavour our salads with icewort, pimpinella and sorrel. We refine our soups with lovage, while chervil and thyme give many of our dishes that certain something – a very special flavour experience.

Slow Food Cooker – cooking like in the old days

Our slow food cooker, a homage to the rustic cooking box, allows food to be cooked in peace and comfort at low temperatures, just like in the old days. This traditional method of cooking over a longer period of time preserves the nutrients and flavours of the ingredients particularly well.

Book our slow food cooker for your event with us. We will serve you a delicious soup pot, a Carinthian Ritschert or a hearty goulash – just like in the old days, only with the flair of today!

The Slow Food philosophy in Austria

The Slow Food movement originated in Italy in 1986. The aim was to create a counter-trend to the fast food culture that was spreading. The slow food idea has long been far more than just a fashionable trend. It has developed continuously in Austria in recent years. The development of a sustainable, environmentally conscious and enjoyable food culture is a top priority for more and more people. This is also the case in Carinthia, one of the most beautiful regions in Austria. The basis for this is traditional cultivation and conventional preparation. This helps to preserve and sustainably promote local cultures and traditions. More and more restaurants, mountain huts and taverns are focussing on slow food and thus on traditional craftsmanship in their products.

And we also attach great importance to such principles in our Slow Food Restaurant.


Together with our producers, suppliers and employees, we ensure sustainable, clean and fair food. In our restaurant, we take all our guests on a journey of enjoyment for conscious eating.

Good: Slow Food food is impeccably fresh and full of flavour. This results in high quality. This stimulates the palate and the senses.

Clean: Our producers work sustainably, with respect for the environment and nature. Mother Earth and our ecosystem are not burdened in this way.

Fair: Fair conditions for our producers are crucial. This means social justice and fair working conditions. Appropriate prices for cleanly produced food are the result.

The Sandwirth as a Slow Food Travel Destination in Carinthia

For our entire team, the term Slow Food means a comprehensive, respectful and sustainable approach. And this applies to food that combines enjoyment, variety, health and environmental awareness. As a Slow Food Travel Destination, we are committed to ensuring that food production and consumption are organised in a way that is both ecologically and socially just. This makes travelling even more sustainable. Join us on a Slow Food journey of discovery.

By the way: An essential part of our Slow Food movement is also educating our guests and employees about sustainable food practices and healthy eating. We will be happy to provide you with further information. With this in mind: Enjoy your meal, we look forward to welcoming you to our house!